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Consistent Omni-Channel Strategy

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The Challenge of Implementing an Omni-Channel Strategy Lies in the Existing IT System. Are You Ready for Omni-Channel Commerce?

The buying behavior of consumers and companies has fundamentally changed: Customers expect a consistent shopping experience across all channels. All companies along the value chain – whether they are drop shippers, distributors, manufacturers, or retailers – have to respond to this change in order to succeed in the world of omni-channel commerce. They are facing major challenges.

The biggest challenge lies in integrating existing commerce systems and processes so that your sales processes can be managed better and information about customers can be analyzed in order to benefit you. We show you the custom solution that will lead you to your future omni-channel strategy.

A Brief Explanation of Omni-Channel Commerce

Order Management System as a Solution

A consistent, cross-channel shopping experience for customers requires the integration of all systems. Generally, the challenge lies in connecting traditional store processes that have been in place for a long time with the eCommerce systems that were set up in parallel as well as with the countless new processes and systems. An order management system can be the solution: It is designed to integrate and manage all the processes along the entire retail value chain, and it makes it possible for companies to respond flexibly to changes in customers’ buying behavior at any time. That’s why an order management system is the best solution if you ...

... want to increase your sales revenue and your customers’ order volumes through increased customer loyalty and a consistent shopping experience across all sales channels, regardless of whether your customers are shopping online on their smartphone, tablet, or PC or directly in their local brick-and-mortar store.

... want to offer your customers complete flexibility while they shop and give them the freedom to choose during every phase of their shopping experience whether they want to carry out a transaction online or offline.

... want to ensure that your omni-channel commerce processes are so optimally designed that consistent order management is always guaranteed – efficient, precise, and cost-effective, even if your customers change or cancel their orders.

... want to offer your customers a consistent but localized product range during every phase of their customer journey in every country where you offer your products – before their purchase, during their purchase, during fulfillment, during returns, and for future purchases. 

... want to be independent from suppliers rather than being tied to individual providers.

An Order Management System ...

... allows your customers to shop anywhere, anytime, and any way they want.

Customers can now use any device – smartphone, tablet, or PC – to buy your products online or offline.

... creates a consistent customer experience

Customers can access the same products via every sales channel, whether it’s a web shop or a local brick-and-mortar store.

... recognizes your customers

The system creates precise customer profiles so it can identify customers at all points of contact.


Omni-channel Commerce and Drop Shipping

Drop shipping – Flexible assortment expansion in up to 24h feasible

Drop shipping is a particular challenge in Omni-channel sales: orders need to be taken across all analogue and digital channels, including the online shop, apps, direct marketing, catalogues, stores, market places and so on. All orders need to be synchronized and processed in the same way. 

Your Contact for Omni-Channel Solutions

Marcel Muscat
Expert for Commerce Solutions