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SAP Hosting into the AWS Cloud

Greater flexibility, scalability, and service for your SAP workloads

SAP Hosting in the AWS Cloud Pays Off

Even traditional, existing ERP systems can’t withstand the forces of digitalization; operating ERP systems in a public cloud may be an attractive alternative to local operation or traditional hosting. However, it’s not so easy to simply replace sensitive centralized systems with new systems. Tackling the shift to the public cloud with the support of SAP applications lets us make the existing ERP environment more dynamic so that it can live up to its role as the central element of the company’s IT, even in an increasingly agile and digitalized IT world.

Benefits of SAP Applications from the Public Cloud

Improved availability
Global delivery
Easier integration
Unlimited resources
Simple, affordable test and demo systems
Cost-effective backup and recovery solutions

Transfer of Your Sap Systems to the AWS Cloud

Strategy & Planning

Road map and schedule for your SAP cloud migration


Transfer of your SAP applications to the public cloud


Management of your SAP applications in the public cloud

Application Scenarios: SAP Hosting in the Public Cloud

Test, Training and Project Systems

We flexibly provide you with infrastructure and systems in a matter of minutes, with no obligation or upfront costs, including ‘pay-as-you-use’ models.

Hosting of SAP Production Environments

We host entire SAP application environments in the AWS cloud.

SAP Test Solutions

We provide you with SAP testing environments to allow you to test SAP solutions at a low cost or, in some cases, free of charge. 

SAP Hybrid Hosting

We migrate existing SAP development and testing environments into the AWS cloud while the production environment remains in place locally. We ensure secure integration between local resources and AWS.

Emergency Recovery

We integrate the AWS cloud for the emergency recovery of local SAP systems – without the expense of a second physical location or stand-by infrastructure. 

Data archiving

We manage the archiving of SAP business documents in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), making expensive, difficult-to-manage local infrastructure unnecessary. 

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