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We establish and accompany your innovation management so that you are a step ahead of the com-petition. In fast-moving markets, companies can distinguish themselves very clearly from their competitors by one characteristic: Their innovative strength - the ability to develop new ideas, apply them internally or bring them to market maturity. 

Innovation Becomes a Method

Innovations increase the performance of companies considerably if they can be channeled and used appropriately. We have developed a multi-stage innovation process and further developed it for specific industries. You can also benefit from these experiences, methods and instruments and establish continuous innovation management.

We accompany you in generating convincing ideas in order to sustainably improve your company's processes and services. We involve all stakeholders: from management to department heads to specialists. Because innovation is teamwork - and this is the only way to create ideas that turn into real successes.

We Are Your Innovation Engine

Workshop: Inspiration

In our initial workshop we would like to inspire you to set up your own innovation management. We will work with you to develop a practice-oriented structure, feasible goals, relevant lines of thought and areas of application, and contribute our experience from our own transformation.

Innovation Engine 1

Workshop: Milestones

Those who are inspired will soon set their first concrete milestones. In our second workshop, we jointly develop an innovation roadmap with landmarks that focus on a specific task. We support these milestones with practice-oriented suggestions for implementation and advise you on the organizational and time schedule.

Innovation Engine 2

Workshop: Master plan

In this in-depth innovation workshop, we show you successful examples from practice, introduce you to new technologies and jointly develop new ideas in a focus of your choice. We prioritize these results and develop a strategic master plan for the best ideas, from the initial conditions to implementation. This provides you with an ideal basis for weighing up which innovative ideas are worth investing in.

Innovation Engine 3

Questions That Determine Your Future Success

The thematic directions for your innovation development are manifold: What will our team communication of tomorrow look like? How can we generate new values in sales? Which processes could we automate in customer service? Which tools increase our margins? How do we react to technological developments? Which processes can we improve and how can we reduce costs?    

There are many questions that are essential for your future success. Time to find innovative answers together!

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