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Web-Based Environmental Reporting

Automated recording and documentation of consumption data with green.screen

green.screen: The IT-Supported Environmental Data Platform

With green.screen you record, analyse and evaluate your specific environmental data, such as electricity and water consumption, waste generation, water values, emission levels or material consumption.

Company-specific environmental impacts can thus be represented, evaluated and compared in measured quantities: Trends, peaks, relationships and processes become visible. green.screen simplifies and automates your environmental reporting. Our cloud-based data platform monitors and analyses all environmental data.

  • Modern energy management
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Legally compliant environmental reporting
  • Energy audits
  • Environmental certifications

How green.screen Works

Company & location selection

TV studios, offices & call centres, computer centres, distribution centres, warehouses, printing companies

Local collection of environmental data

Energy, water, paper, waste water, refuse

Calculation of climate emissions

Heat, transport, electricity

Aggregation of environmental data:

Locations, reporting units, business units, divisions

Preparation of the Group-wide carbon footprint

Why Environmental Reporting with green.screen?

Simple and efficient data collection
Professionalisation of environmental reporting
Better, because data-based decisions (e.g. energy purchasing)
Demand-oriented and quality-assured reporting
Tools for local energy management
Supports monitoring in achieving energy efficiency and environmental goals

Why Your Data Becomes Even More Valuable with green.screen

Simple and efficient data collection
  • Reduction of reporting expenses
  • Easy to use
  • Manual input via environmental sheets
  • Integration of online measurements
  • Minimization of environmental impacts
Optimal data management
  • Fast and efficient data collection
  • Always the latest data
  • Improvement of data quality
Professional environmental reporting
  • CR reports
  • Reports according to DIN 16 247
  • Benchmarks and detailed analyses
  • Derive and monitor measures to better achieve our own environmental goals

Your Contact for Environmental Reporting

Hartmut Entrup
Expert for Environmental Reporting