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Are You Interested in Digital Transformation of Your Processes?

Our BPM solutions make your business processes more efficient

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Processes Are Our Passion

Companies are facing serious demands as a result of digitalization: Flexibility and scalability have never been as relevant as they are today. That’s why maximum efficiency and control of all business processes are all the more important. We make your company more successful by helping you completely digitally transform your business processes.

Arvato Systems helps you reach your goal

We stand for many things, but one thing above all: confident management of complex processes. With our many years of industry-specific expertise in all areas of business process management, we offer comprehensive service from a single source: from consulting, modeling, controlling, optimization, and automation to the integration of management systems that support processes such as our BIC Cloud BPM Suite. Our expertise and experience in project and quality management and in ensuring adherence to compliance guidelines form the foundation here.
Increase the efficiency and performance of your business processes and achieve operational excellence with targeted workflow management and process automation.

Six Good Reasons for Choosing BPM Solutions from Arvato Systems

Optimize Processes

Our comprehensive BPM solutions provide you with reliable support in making your processes more efficient, automating them, and producing credible analysis results.

Use Our Expertise

We actively support companies in their efforts to automate their workflows and improve their KPIs with performance monitoring.

Outstanding Employees

Our employees are extremely well-educated and highly trained. Every single one of them is an expert in his or her field and contributes that specialized knowledge to help your project succeed.

Verified Quality

We firmly believe in maintaining high standards of quality. With certified processes and strong partners at our side, we are prepared to tackle any challenge.

Minimize Risks

As experts in adhering to governance, risk, and compliance standards in all processes, we offer tested, integrated GRC industry solutions.

Homogeneous Processes

With our ability to integrate all relevant data sources into even the most complex IT infrastructures, we always manage to make processes completely transparent.

You Can Expect a Great Deal from Us





Arvato Systems as a Strong Partner

We provide support throughout the entire value chain with the goal of achieving the greatest level of process optimization. As a first step, our experts analyze, model, and document the business processes at your company in order to determine your specific needs and provide you with comprehensive consulting.

We Are at Your Side

Benefit from our professional change management in system integration. With our methods, we improve your company’s efficiency and competitiveness. Informative training courses in certified process management provide deeper knowledge of how to use the solutions. Our application management includes comprehensive support services to guarantee smooth workflows in accordance with applicable guidelines.

Ideal Conditions for Your Success

Once processes have been defined, we optimize them to provide more time for your operative and strategic core business. Additionally, this new level of transparency in your processes may reveal potential for improvement. As part of the digitalization process, routine tasks that constantly repeat are automated using the BIC Cloud BPM Suite. Our comprehensive solutions in the area of business process management can be adapted to the specific needs of your company and your existing IT environment, providing you with maximum added value.

We Stay on the Ball

Through performance monitoring and reporting, you can continuously measure your success based on predefined KPIs. This is how we minimize risk to allow your company to reach its full potential.

Benefit from Our Experience

Quality Management as a Factor for Success

Increase efficiency and motivation by using a good QM system. Our solution facilitates ISO certifications and initiates a continuous improvement process.

Governance, Risk, and Compliance Are Vital

Adherence to compliance guidelines is one of the foundations of your company’s success. BIC Cloud GRC reliably ensures that your company meets requirements and minimizes risks.

Process Automation Leads to Greater Efficiency

You can reduce your employees’ workload by automating repeated processes that require a great deal of time and energy. This will free up resources that can help your company become more competitive.

Monitoring Is Vital for Secure Processes

Monitor your business processes in real time with BIC Cloud Monitor. Our solution can help you improve your efficiency and intervene immediately to correct critical situations.

BIC Cloud BPM Suite for Greater Operational Excellence

With the BIC Cloud BPM Suite, Arvato Systems provides your company with comprehensive support in the transformation of your processes. As a strategic partner of GBTEC, Arvato Systems has particular expertise in implementing and integrating BIC products – both on-premises and in the cloud. Our many years of expertise in this area make Arvato Systems an ideal partner. The BIC Cloud BPM Suite and its high-performance modules allow you to meet individual requirements within your company.


BIC Cloud Workflow

Our workflow management system allows you to digitalize and automate all types of processes for greater efficiency in your company’s workflows.

BIC Cloud Monitor

This monitoring solution helps you measure your business success and create reports to optimize results.

BIC Cloud Design

Our system solution includes the components Design, Document, Governance, and Portal. These components help you flexibly adapt and manage your business processes.


Our GRC solution merges the areas of governance, risk, and compliance and manages them to ensure that all requirements are reliably met.

Your Contacts for Business Process Optimization

Witali Glazyrin
Presales and Partner Management
Daniel Heer
Expert for Business Process Management